Varopakorn Public Co., Ltd.’s factory is equipped to meet the most demanding quality requirements and throughout the latest technology with ISO9001 accreditation in respect of its daily operations. The company is the first rolled aluminium product manufacturer to be awarded this prestigious certification in Thailand. This achievement is considered as a significant step to assure customers’ confidence in the quality of our products and service (quick and punctual delivery leading to wider acceptance of our products, thus increasing in purchase orders).

            One major key to the success of these initiatives is the commitment by all staff members of the organization. They are determined to contribute to the on-going, continuous improvement initiatives to achieve advance company performance on all fronts and attain quantifiable progress in all areas.


Varopakorn Public Company Limited focuses the quality to the customers confident in the effective management system of the organization  for quality assurance and make sure that the various processes regulated and verifiable which can the needs of customers has been certified ISO 9001 : 2015 from SOCOTEC Certification International.


Varopakorn Public Company Limited is aware of the environment that arises from various activities of the company. Therefore, the company is committed to continually improving its environmental performance and doing its best to reduce and prevent pollution. and the impact on the environment to a minimum as well as protecting the environment in accordance with the law It has been certified ISO 14001 : 2015 from SOCOTEC Certification International.