Automotive Finstock

Automotive Finstocks are used for the manufacturing of radiator fins, intercoolers, condensers and evaporator units in the automotive industry.

Precoated Finstock

Precoated Finstocks are aluminium finstocks coated with chemicals to prevent water formation. This type of finstock provides better ventilation, saves energy, is more durable

Bare Finstock

Bare Finstocks are used to produce screens for heat ventilation in air conditioners. This product is used in the manufacturing of precoated finstocks.


Closure Cap (Cap – stocks) are produced with high-strength aluminium sheets specifically for the fabrication of pilfer-proof caps for energy drinks, electrolyte beverages, liquid medicines, whisky cap, etc.


Foils are thin aluminium coils with thickness between 0.10-0.007 mm., used mainly as raw material in the construction industry.

Aluminium Sheet & Coil

Aluminium sheets & Coils are used in the manufacturing of various products such as satellite dishes, traffic signs, plate eyelets and rolled bonds which are used in the production of freezers for refrigerators.